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Thread: Check engine light code 43

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    Check engine light code 43

    I was driving around today and my check engine light came on, and the car was running just fine. When I got home I did the CEL code reading as described on Stealth 316. I got back a code of 43.
    Here's the link-> Stealth 316 CEL code reading

    What confuses me is the part that says <California> under EGR in the diagnosis item column. To make things even worst, I started looking around at some other sites that said a code of 43 means multiple misfires.

    Does any one have any input on what the <California> could mean on there? Also, what is the most likely cause of this code? BTW, I'm going to post the CEL codes on this post so we have them on 3SGTO.



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    I would guess that the reason why it says <california> is because the N/A didn't have an EGR unless it was Cali. Spec, but all VR4 or RT/TT have an EGR system

    And it probably is either your EGR valve, EGR solenoid, or the temp sensor if you say your car is running fine. Mine did the same thing, and I replaced the EGR valve and EGR solenoid.

    You would notice if you had misfires.
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    Usually misfires cause a blinking check engine light while occuring.

    As for the california thing, there are 2 different ecus, cali spec and fed spec.

    The EGR system is pretty pointless, many people on this board have removed it completely from their cars, it being broken wont harm the car. Most likely it's a stuck EGR valve. However it could also be the EGR solenoid, temp sensor, or vacuum lines. If your check engine light isn't blinking, and the only code you got was 43, I wouldn't worry about it. You can either fix it or delete it, or ignore's up to you.
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