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Thread: How to Guide: Degreeing Cams on 6G72 w/ Pictures

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    Seems pretty good to me. I have an older set of BC 272 cams where the rear cams are wayyy off, something like +6 intake and -6 exhaust (off the top of my head). This was before they figured out how bad the screwed them up lol

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    I think one thing to note is if you degree your cams, do it several times to make sure you get consistent results. Its not easy to get the dial indicator setup on the right spot of the retainer. I was suspicious of my fromt exhaust cam coming out different than the rest but I prob repeated the procedure a dozen times and even did cyl that point I knew it was right..and the car runs great..even though perhaps an adjustment could give me a few more ft-lbs of tq.

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    Ok guys sorry didnt notice a bunch of pictures stopped working. I re-edited them, they are all working now. If these ever stop working again someone please PM me. I originally uploaded all the pics to the forum so they should be here as long as the forum is here.

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    Thanks a lot for the write up, just got a question, it's my first time working with adjustable gears, in this case the 3sx ones and I have been reading a few tutorials and writeups, from jafro video to create the solid lifter and several ones for the true tdc and can't find why we need to preload the lifter to 0.005” if we preload and when trying to find the opening/closing events you will be searching for 0.045” lift because we already got 0.005” or if you zero the dial at 0.005” you will be actually measuring 0.055”, that's a measure to get everything tight and consistent while reading the events right?

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