Group Buys
Group buys are a touchy subject. On one hand they are good for the members but we can't let non-sponsoring companies come in here and potentially undercut our sponsors. After some thought and discussion we have come up with the following for group buys.
If you are a sponsor - Have a party make all of the group buys you want.

If the person/company that is collecting the funds is not a sponsor they will need to pay a $50 group by fee. If they do not pay the feel the person organizing the buy will be responsible for the payment. If you have a good reason why you think $50 for the sale is too much PM me the details of the sale and we'll see what we can work out.

1) All gauging interest thread must be posted in this forum.
2) Once interest has been determined the sale must be approved by the forum management.
3) Sponsors do not need approval to have a group buy. They do not have to pay an extra fee.