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Thread: Emanage Ultimate - independent IAT issues

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    Emanage Ultimate - independent IAT issues

    For some quick background, I have my Greddy Emanage Ultimate in speed density mode with a fixed Baro and IAT sensor at the ecu. I have a GM IAT ran to the Emanage but am having huge issues with getting the temps on the Greddy logger to match actual real world temps. This in turn is throwing my air intake temp - fuel compensation table way off.

    Recently I pulled my 2.2k ohm load resistor off and attached a 100k ohm potentiometer so try to vary the resistance and get the ambient values to match on the logger and the real world, as I thought maybe I had the wrong load value and needed to tweak it one way or another. I went as high as 100k ohm and on the Mitsubishi intake temp setting is has pegged at something like 7c if I remember correctly. I know there are a few of you out there that run the IAT sensor like I am attempting to. Does anyone have any input or possible solutions?

    I have linked my current wiring configuration, and Fred 62's which appears to me he has done the same thing I am doing but does not give any values.



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    When darkherokotraj and myself were working on mine the resistors that were suggested in the forums was not even close. We had to go and try about 50 different combinations before we finally got something that worked. It ended up being like three daisy chained to get it right.
    My suggestion is go look at what the voltage should read going into ecu, then go to Radio shack and buy a bunch of resistors and just mix and match until it reads properly.
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