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Thread: Addco AWD sway bars from 3SX

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    Addco AWD sway bars from 3SX

    Anyone else pick these up yet and get them installed? I have a set that I have been installing all summer (we bought a boat and that's pretty much stolen all of the time I would have spent on the car this summer) and I am not comfortable with the instructions that I am assembling the end links correctly.

    Looking specifically for pictures of your end links on both front and rear sway bars.

    As for the kit the bars seem to fit well, but not a lot of extra room around them and I've had to modify every bracket which has been a little frustrating. Looks like it's gonna be windy today and tomorrow so maybe I'll wrench on the car a little, would like to drive it at least once in 2011!

    Thanks in advance,
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    one of those things I've been tempted to buy...but never really been convinced they will work amazing wonders for laptimes

    one of the guys here in Aussieland thinks that his swaybars will contact the axles on full droop :| he's yet to post pictures of it yet.
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    I'm interested on how these are. I have addco sway bars on my fwd tt and they were by far the best suspention mod I had done for that car. Made my fwd car actually able to drift at a autox. While that is not good for times, still made for a fun run.


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