...for older 260/289/302/5.0L; leftovers from my old V8 days.

Dual-plane aluminum Cobra intake from '67 Shelby GT350 - $400 + shipping

Cobra (power by Ford) valve covers - same vehicle - $200 + shipping

Crane cam (hydraulic) for small-block Ford (incl.351W) SSH-300NC (.500 lift, 313 degrees duration) fair idle - with Ford 289/271 Hi-perf lifters - $100 + shipping

Appliance/Blackjack headers for small-block Ford, '67-'67 Mustang/Cougar chassis - $75 + shipping

OEM rear-sump oil-pan for small-block Ford - $35 + shipping.

I also have an RUG 4 spd Toploader with a bad reverse gear, and an OEM aluminum bellhousing w/fork to go with it.

The trans is heavy - I'd be willing to work out shipping with an interested party.

Making room for more 3S shit, I guess...