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Thread: Advice needed on my first US GT SL

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    Advice needed on my first US GT SL

    Hey guys, my names Staff and I live about 40 miles outside London. I own a UK 3000GT (VR-4) and have done for about 2 years now.....

    So last month, my brother came to visit from Lancaster, PA for the first in nearly 3 years and instantly fell in love with my GT and has gone back home to find one of his own. He has found a 3000GT SL local to him which he's really keen on but we've since found out from CarFax that it's been involved in a accident!! From the photos he's shown me I can see that the bonnet and headlights don't line up perfectly, the aircon is removed and the front liners are missing. This in itself is not a problem to repair but I hear that there is some sort of airbag repair that needs to be done by law in the US. Could somebody take a look over the Carfax report and let me know what I'd need to do to make this legal again please?

    CARFAX Vehicle History Report on JA3XD64B6NY068179

    Thanks guys.


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    OK, the link doesn't work. I think the most important information is here:

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    An accident report could be something serious, or it could be fairly minor. The airbag can be replaced (rather cheaply these days, used) and the sensors and such can be reset. However, since this car shows an odometer rollback, you really have no idea how many miles are on the car. And, no matter where you try to title it, that is going to follow it, which reduces the value. If you don't care about that, then great. But just be aware that if you ever tried to sell it, you may not be able to.

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    There are tons of other 3/S's out there. I would keep looking personally.


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