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Thread: My new Flash Tuned Build thread... will need advice :) 94 Stealth TT

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    My new Flash Tuned Build thread... will need advice :) 94 Stealth TT

    Here is a list of stuff that will be on my virgin 94 TT that is at 60k and service is done.

    15g turbos
    RC 550cc
    turbo back tanabe knockoff exhaust
    Blackstealth EBC/logger
    98 SL ECU
    Wally 255
    EGR Delete
    HHH logger
    WB 02
    Intake filter
    NGK Plugs
    MSD Wires
    60 Service (done)

    I will be flashing to scale to the 550cc injectors. Will use Blacks EBC for boost. Im not sure how I will have to edit timing/fuel tables.

    I have help to delete the rear factory 02 sensors on the ECU, but need to know how to delete the EGR from the ECU once I remove it.

    I also am wondering exactly how the 98 SL ECU is going to run my fuel pump without the turbo circuit?

    Any other emmssions things I can adjust?

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    About using an SL ECU, you might want to read this -->

    If you remove the rear O2's all together, you'll get a CEL. For this reason I didn't delete the rear O2's. What I did was buy SPARK PLUG NON-FOULERS from autozone (like 4 buks, need 2ea) so that I could leave them connected while not throwing a CEL because they don't detect the pre-cats. Here is a really good write up on this "How To".

    About the EGR, from what I've heard, it seems there is no benefit to removing the EGR. In fact, from what I've heard, blocking or deleting the EGR can adversly affect how quickly boost comes on. In my car, removing the EGR solenoid causes a CEL as well.

    For flashing you're gonna need the Tantrix 2.0 cable. The 1.3u will not work. For logging, EvoScan has been very solid for me, and like you, I too have BlackStealths EBC/Logger. I haven't logged using EvoScan just yet as I've recently installed BlackStealths EBC/Logger.

    Make sure you hotwire your Walbro Fuel Pump and you might want to consider a FMIC (Front-Mount Intercooler) as the SMIC's get heat-soaked even after just 1 pull.

    Plugs, try to get one range colder (BKR7E's I believe) and depending on how much boost you're going for; gap them between .022-.030 (.022 would be for high >25psi of boost, .030 would be good for 15psi: all this is subject to the type/quality of fuel, turbo CFM and whatnot, so take it with a grain of salt, so to speak).

    Good luck with the build and have fun doing it!
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    I will have to regap my plugs for sure. I am going for 15psi. I can delete the rear O2's in the flash. I know people who have done it. The EGR delete does not need to be done, but I can do it and eliminate it in the ECU flash apparently. Dont quote me, its just what im told.

    So far I need to get better springs in my waste gates also!!


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