As you all know Dumb Rural recently joined this forum. He emailed me abotu going for a cruise and went out of his way a few hours to visit and go for a drive. I also called Ian the owner of the other red 1st gen in town. Went for a drive up the Gillies Range. Great driving road.

The road

John's car [Dumb Rural]

The 3 cars

Ian's HKS Super Dragger

Factory GTO mud flaps LOL

Was a great day and an awesome drive. Had a few slow cars and trucks to get past but once the road was clear it was great. However I did have to deal with a very badly leaking BOV. All I could hear was a constant pssssshhhhh under boost. Thank god I have another one on order and that I'm running speed density so it's not a massive issue. But it cost me a lot of power.