Gotta support my new habit. Had this for awhile now and never installed it so it's time to let it go.
It's oem Glacier Pearl White. Now for the bad part. The two side sections have some slight cracks in them. I'm guessing whatever car these came out of was in a wreck and jolted the wing. This is nothing a body shop can't take car of, especially if you were repainting it. I was actually just gonna put them on my car the way they were and just fill the inside of them with some spray foam to stiffen them up some. Noting at all wrong with the center section, that's perfectly straight. The bottom pic I stressed it opened so you can see. In it's natural position you just see a hair line crack. The other one is just hair line cracks that don't open up any further. The end caps are also included, just didn't take pics of that side.

Asking $650 shipped Paypal (