I felt left out with all the "we're here" threads so I figured I'd let everyone know I made the migration over here as well. I'll be on 3SI in addition but I love the idea of a site that supports its members so I'm here to stay. It'll feel a little better handing advertising money over to Alan knowing it'll be going back to the community and a little worse handing it over to AF now.

We're working on expanding out list of aftermarket parts we carry. The vast majority of our sales are our custom made parts but I want to make sure everyone knows we carry a large number of aftermarket products in addition to ours. If it's not on our site just ask and I might be able to get it for you and at the very least might be able to setup an account with the company to get it.

We do drop ship a majority of the stuff to help stay competetive which I know some people do look down upon. However, I'm not sure why. If I stocked everything it would ship from here in NY which is great if you're in the northeast but if you're in Cali then you're stuck waiting a week for your stuff. With drop shipping I can ship from multiple warehouses all over the country which means you get the stuff quicker than you would with a place that stocks it all the way across the country.

If you guys have any questions feel free to ask in this forum, through PM, or e-mail.