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Thread: issue i cant put my finger on..

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    issue i cant put my finger on..

    ok ...1st of my car is not a daily driver..its a weekend warrior..i am still on stock injectors...stock FPR..and stok fuel pump my issue i have been dealing with is when i start my car will idel just fine..and the wide band reads right at 14.2 give or it warms up..that will drop to way to 15.9 to 16.2...but as soon as i give it some throttle, while will feel almost like its stuck..and then it feels like it opens and its fine...the only thing i can think of it a faulty FPR or a faulty injector...btw my fuel pressure gauge says 42 i know i good there...and i just replace my fuel filter like 75 miles plugs less then 500 any ideal what it could be..

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    You sure your AF Gauge isn't inaccurate? Have you tried datalogging this?

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    i am pretty sure it is...cause when it goes to the red on the gauge..i can feel the car idel real rough

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    i do have evo scan..but not datalogged with it yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowbeast94 View Post
    i am pretty sure it is...cause when it goes to the red on the gauge..i can feel the car idel real rough
    Doesn't red mean its running rich? Or do I have it backwards. I dont have a wideband yet and don't feel like googling a. picture.

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    green is rich and red is lean.

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    Where is the wideband installed?
    Do you also have narrowband O2 sensor(s) in for the ECU?
    Any possible pre-sensor exhaust leaks like cracked manifolds?

    Could you please put your car data in your profile. (Not that I've figured out how yet.) Ah, finally found the add vehicle at the top of the Garage page.
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    wide band sensoris in the down pipe... ..all my pre sensor exhaust areas are tight that i know of..but i will re check...and yeah.i will post all the car data in a a wow raid


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