The deadline for on-line registration is midnight on the 31st of May. At that time, the final t-shirt numbers need to be sent over to our t-shirt supplier. The system MAY stay up and allow you to register beyond that, depending on my schedule. But be aware that it could be taken down any time after May 31. Any registrations that come in after May 31 are not guaranteed the t-shirt sizes they want. Those t-shirts are taken from the "extras" we order, which will probably be pretty minimal. They're also subject to being excluded from the banquet because I have to get our guarantee to them by June 1. Busy, busy! Please don't email me asking for exceptions - there's nothing I can do about a lot of this, and my time between June 1 and June 18 (when I leave for Indy) is extremely tight.

Registrations that have to be done on-site are approximately 20% higher than the on-line prices because of all the extra on-site processing we have to go through for them.