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Thread: convert 92 double din to 93 single din with a AUX input

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    switch 92 double din to 93 single din with a AUX input

    For the first gen owner that want AUX input and keep the car look stock here what you need:

    93 radio single DIN (stealth rt 93 don't know if 3000gt 93 have this radio) 50$ shipped

    Reverse harness to avoid cutting stock harness 14$ shipped
    OEM harness to 93 stock radio (I learned that it's the infinity plug) 14$ shipped
    Stock radio trim 3SX sell it for 15$+shipping i got mine on the forum for 10$ shipped
    Piece of wire and little connector to fit a pin on back the radio free
    Drill new hole on stock radio bracket free (or see optional parts.)

    Optional : stock radio bracket 3SX sell it for 6$ each + shipping

    Total cost of the mods: 88$

    1-disconnect the battery of the car

    2-Connect your harness together see color chart on harness package or see pic for pinout

    3- Remove the double din radio see instruction on the links:
    Stealth 316 - Radio Removal

    4- Unbolt stock radio bracket from the Double din unit and drill 2 new hole 1/4" below the top one on
    the bracket. (where the screw hold the radio on the side)
    (tips: i drill a little oval to the bottom to give adjustement.)

    5- Put the bracket on the single din radio, put in place and try to install the single trim on the radio.
    Maybe you will need adjust it a little .(here the reason of the oval hole mine was a bit too high)
    Remove the trim and radio again.

    6- Take distance between the hole on the side of the radio and fit this distance with your new hole
    on the bracket, drill the 2 new hole and now you finish modded the bracket.

    7- Splice the yellow wire (single wire with a square connector is the steering control, see pic) and add 6" of wire with the pin
    connector (took the wire from a old PSU)
    8- Connect your new harness to the car harness and connect the wire from the yellow one to the pin 4 of the remote control connector of the new radio .see pic

    9- put the radio in place , connect the car battery, try the radio and steering control, if all it's ok
    Put the 4 screw that hold radio in place put the radio trim.

    10- Plug your mp3 player and enjoy the new feature of your car and the stock look

    sorry for my poor english if someone want to re-write it for my that will be nice

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