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Thread: 5.7L Hemi

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    5.7L Hemi

    Does anyone know how involved it is to pull and rebuild a 5.7L Hemi out of a Ram 1500 (4x4).

    My young (idiotic) cousin went off-roading in his truck and got stuck. He and his dad, who know next to nothing about cars/trucks, say the engine is "hydrolocked". But, the story is that he went mudding, got stuck, and in the process of trying to get unstuck something happened to the motor and it doesn't run anymore. I don't see how he could have gotten water in the engine just sitting in one place spinning the tires and I also don't see how he could have over revved the motor because of the rev limiter on modern engines.

    So, any guesses as to what could be wrong? They were asking me if I'd be interested in rebuilding it, and I said "sure".. but I don't know much about anything other than the 6G72. I'm sure it can't be too hard though.
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    Same thing just three feet in the air and two more pistons man, if you can do a 6G72 you can most definitely do a V8. Just search up a few threads on the Google machine, I rebuild my whole 1JZ with it.

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    They could have fried the tranny and think that now it wont move so it needs an engine.
    Or they could have overheated it and blown a headgasket.
    Youll have to take a look and see if it cranks/ turns over or not, then go from there.
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    One of my "buddies" had an open air intake and went through a HUGE puddle in his '05 Hemi and sucked water up into the motor. Whatever happened the truck wouldn't start. I don't know the full story but he ended up replacing the motor with another used one. Anyways he pulled the engine in a night with minimal tools and had it back in in a night. So its not too difficult

    Just remember that everything is connected with little clips, the hard part is figuring out how to unclip them.

    Good Luck

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    Depending on the year there are a ton of electronics involved so have fun disconnecting connectors. As for the engine it's just like any other engine except the lifters are a bit more high tech with the MDS system (again, depending on year).


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