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Thread: threads read icon colour glitch.

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    threads read icon colour glitch.

    If I'm looking at for example the "Mods & Technical Support" section it then shows the sub sections and the icon is either grey if all threads have been read or blue if there are unread threads. The problem is it is almost always blue until I click on it then see there is infact no unread threads and when I go back to that menu screen it then changes to grey the way it should be.
    Seems to do this in all menus/screens. Anyone else noticed this?


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    Thats an issue with Vbulletin in general.

    For instance, I am subscibed to a few entire sub forums so I can see when a new post happens in said forums. When a new post does occur and I go to said forum and read the post, if I don't at first go back to that forums page before I go elsewhere it will continue to show there are unread posts in that forum, even though I read the only unread post there was.

    My words are hard to follow I imagine, but its like this on every forum I post on.

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