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Thread: 23andMe Genetic Test - Free Today ($9/mo for 12 mo sub to updates req)!!!

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    Thumbs up 23andMe Genetic Test - Free Today ($9/mo for 12 mo sub to updates req)!!!

    This is a hell of a deal!

    A year ago it was $400 a test. I got it on sale for Christmas for $100 only + update subscription (which I got anyway because they send you useful updates). I thought I was kicking ass, but today is international DNA day and they are giving the tests away with one year update subscriptions!!!

    With the test, you can see disease risks, carrier status of genetic problems, ancestry (found out I was 1/3rd Romanian, not pure Greek as I thought; two of my friends discovered they were 5th cousins). Most important of all, you can download your genetic code as a text file to research stuff yourself (I calculated Alzheimer's Disease risk for my family manually). I got my whole family to do it and am very happy with the results. I even found out I would have an adverse reaction to the drug Warfarin, though I've never had the drug.

    They ask that you fill in surveys about your health so they can do statistical research (they've already published a lot and made some cool and useful discoveries about allergies and genetic traits), but that is entirely optional.

    Don't forget that Federal Law makes it illegal for any insurance company or employer to discriminate based on genetic code. Even if yours got out into the public, it wouldn't hurt you. At any rate, 23andme is very anal about privacy, they will never share your data with anyone.

    Since you guys are my brahs, I'll actually post some of my real data for you to look over (please don't repost). Screenshot of the main page:

    Here is a more detailed look at select health issues:

    Notice how I have an increased risk of type II diabetes? Being obese and sedentary and genetically prone to it is lethal. A week ago I started a physician monitored ketogenic diet (kind of sucks, but works!), and I started hitting the treadmill and bow-flex. I will not get freaking diabetes. If I hadn't had this test, I likely wouldn't have changed because nobody in my family has ever had diabetes, so I assumed I'd be fine.

    Edit: I just bought three more, one for my girlfriend and one for my aunt and uncle.
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    i signed up. my mother is big into doing the family trees, i think she would like this.
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    so its 9*12 = 108$

    not bad

    signed up... kinda curious
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