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Thread: '92 Black GTO TT restoration from 2008

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    '92 Black GTO TT restoration from 2008

    This was probably posted on the other site a few years ago? i'd bet there are no images now but its a car i bought done used and sold back in '08

    i seen the car advertised on ebay and went to look at it. when we arrived we had to pull other car panels off it to reveal it. it was in a grave state. i could have just shook my head and walked away from it but i didn't, i offered him 500 he refused and said he wants no less than 1000 so i gave him 800 lol.

    anyway sat morn of that week it was delivered by tow truck to my house, it was raining and cold but i felt non of it. the guy said i wouldn't get it going that easily, to which i accepted the challenge and stated i'd have it running the day it was delivered.

    the plenum was off it and in the trunk, the timing belt was fitted but nothing was tight, and most of the IC pipes were in the trunk with the rest of the crap.

    i emediatley started work on it i need to get this badboy fired. the car had been stood for 5 years or so in this condition. anyway i started to put the engine back together and sarah started to strip the interior.

    come 3 pm i made a phone call to its previous owner, as i was about to start the car, i was confident it would run. it had a fresh gas tank and walbro fuel pump i sorced and fitted that day also. i should have bet him 800 i'd have the thing running. i made the call and said....''i'm going to crank it now see what happens'' sure enough about 4 revolutions of the motor and it fired, it idled as it should around 1100rpm but was noisy as hell due to the lash adjusters being empty, they soon went quiet. but the guy was in awe.

    ok onto the photo's..

    this is how it was dropped off.

    cut a long story short, there are toomany pics to post.....
    this is how it was 3 days later...

    this was a week or 2 later with a change of heart with wheel color....

    all the other pictures...or just some of the 500 that i taken are here..
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