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    Tron Legacy +

    Tron 3 Video Uncovers Original Villain Edward Dillinger! -

    Quote Originally Posted by inperfectdarkness View Post
    yes, unfortunately tron's story could have been better. and the 3/d was a bit subtle to be a "true 3d" experience. still an awesome movie though. definitely worth seeing in IMAX.
    I didn't want to Pirate Alan's Green Lantern post...

    I was okay with seeing legacy on the HD 47" but I am sure the IMAX would have been awesome.

    All the ground breaking from the first was lost in legacy. It is difficult to out shine the original. It was too Matrix influenced. I expected Neo to come crashing through any moment. What is this Tron gets beat up by CLU, twice stuff???? Tron doesn't get beat by anyone! The CGI faces on the young actors was obvious, and didn't look like the young Jeff Bridges. The chick was hotter than Trinity in the same outfit. The ending almost completely reminded me of Blade Runner's theatrical ending.

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    I didn't see it in theaters, bought it and watching on my home projector was good enough. Story was... well, weak. Started out pretty good, Flynn's son isn't a very good actor IMO. But... I read a lot of reviews of the movie when it came out, and so I didn't have very high expectations. I bought it just for the visual aspect. On that element, it didn't disappoint. Can't say that the $20 was worth it, but I've seen far worse. I didn't mind the CGI, I thought it was very good compared to say, the first Spiderman. It didn't stick out like a sore thumb to me. The ending was complete crap though, very lame.

    Overall I would give it a C+, pretty much due to the special effects only.

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    yes, i really think the story could have been better if they'd put dillinger's kid in there as the bad guy--and then have both sam flynn and jet bradley working in tandem to defeat him.

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    this movie seemed like a set up to #3 to me. never showed tron die(falling into liquid wich was pure power in first movie), im sure dillingers kid will be there!
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