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Thread: Obscure coolant questions I probably won't get an answer to.

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    Obscure coolant questions I probably won't get an answer to.

    I understand these are very obscure questions, and I'm not expecting an answer, but just in case... Does anyone happen to know the volume of:

    1: The coolant overflow tank
    2: The coolant level for the "low coolant" light to turn on in the dash?

    I'm making my own coolant tank and want to reserve the low coolant sensor by tapping it into the bottom, but I want to make sure the volumes are the same or close to the same. Or, if anyone can answer how the light turns on - Is the light triggered by the sensor no longer being submerged in liquid?
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    i just filled mine to the top(above the fill line) and it took just under a half gallon.
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    if it's like the washer bottle sensor, its just a rubber ring that floats up when theres fluid in the bottle.

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    Speedway Coolant Expansion Tank - Speedway Motors, America's Oldest Speed Shop

    This one might look pretty slick in there Trev. What do you think? Just hit ebay up for one of them. They're only like $30. You can just tap a water contact switch in there about 1/3 of the way up.

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    Thanks guys.

    And yeah I looked at that one Jeremy, I ended up making something myself out of PVC similar to this:

    DIY: Coolant over flow tank

    Cost me $12 at home depot for the fittings and hose. I'm tapping the low sensor into the bottom once I figure out the volume that the low light is triggered by - I'll just fit the sensor so it triggers and a similar volume.

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    the sensor is just an on off switch. Connect a multimeter [on ohms or the diode tester] onto the wires and then start filling the bottle. When the circuit changes state [ie, opens or closes] then stop filling the bottle and then pour it out and measure.
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