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Thread: I think my tensioner broke.....well i thats all!!!

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    I think my tensioner broke.....well i thats all!!!

    Well I didn't have the car when this happened so I can't same what really happened only what my dad told me. Well he claims he was just giving it a lil gas coming onto the highway and as the car got to about 50mph the car statered to backfire really bad, and then shuts off altogether. So instinctivly he tries to start the car back up, being in the middle of the highway and all, but of course didn't start. So he pops the hood and my timing belt is super loose but not broken. Me being a cheap ass, I replaced the timing belt and not the tensioner when we redid the bottom end. So we towed it back to the house, couldn't get anything done because it was pouring down raining, but from the the looks of it the timing belt isn't broke which is why it leads me to believe that its the tensioner. Of course that might be the least of my problems. I'm hoping that the short time he said that it jumped timing it didn't bend any vaules. I hope not cause then I might have to sell it. Anyway don't know way I posted this, I guess for somebody to fill sorry for but really just kind of sad. I love this car and have literally spent all my lil minimum wage checks on it and would hate to have to get rid of it for something stupid like this. Anyway thanks reading and putting up with my horrible spelling and grammar.

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    yea, if your timing belt jumps a tooth, your still going to bend valves.

    If you rebuilt the bottom end, you should have bought a new tensioner pulley, hydraulic tensioner, timing idle pulley.

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    i used a used tensioner once, once was enough to teach me a hard lesson. hope for the best for you but ive been there before. mine happened 10 blocks from where i picked up my car with a new engine.


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