So, for those of you who don't know I messed up my engine swapping my lifters to 99's.. (If you need help doing the lifters I know how now, and am willing to help on a day off) Well, some local members came over last week and I came home to a 3000GT with no engine in it, an engine sitting out side a car and a few pictures of my baby rolling around in what was supposedly "Cancer causing oil" ..

Anyway, Since my oil pan was dented due to jacking the motor up on it (I'll take the blame for this as well thought i was assured it wouldnt happen by someone) they decided to pull the whole motor (way easier to change the pan) and basically since the engines out I might as well make it sexy while its out.. I figured I'd create its own little thread so I can post up everything going on, and everything that still needs to happen and you guys can stay tuned if you'd like..
So far I have purchased a lot of parts: Water pump, timing belt, timing belt tensioner, tensioner pulley, 10.2 spark plug wires, fuel rail loop and 6 NGK Platinum spark plugs (I hate waiting for parts to ship and theres a lot still out there somewhere!)
How ever I still need a lot of parts: Timing Belt Idler Pulley DOHC, Valve stem seals, Timing belt idler pulleys and cam shaft seals (x4), Oil pump and oil pump gasket, and a front crank seal.. (Im sure I'll figure out more to buy but for now thats it)

Fuel rails and my new Fuel rail loop:
So, I bought this loop a week or so ago on 3SI

and decided to edit/install it on my fuel rails after I "edited" them as well.. What do you think?!