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Thread: Hks evc vi

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    Hks evc vi

    I've seen a few of you guys post about this boost contoller and I have a question. IPS sells one without the "Easy Writer Software" and 3SX offer it as a option.

    What exactly is that software and is it needed?



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    i dont think the software is needed but i will find out for sure saturday when i go to install mine.

    edit: "The EVC Easy Writer software allows tuners the ability to setup and monitor these new advance features of the EVC via a laptop computer."

    sounds like unless you feel like using a laptop its not needed.... i hope.
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    I have hks evc and i can tell you that you dont need that software .

    You can get it fine tuned without the soft very easily

    The latest HKS EVC Boost Controller (45003-AK005) has new advanced features such as boost pressure correction mapping so boost levels can be fine tuned for various engine and vehicle dynamics. The EVC Easy Writer software allows tuners the ability to setup and monitor these new advance features of the EVC via a laptop computer.

    Main Easy Writer Controllable Settings

    -Boost Pressure Correction Mapping:
    Viewed in 3-Dimensional Graphs and 5x5 Maps, boost pressure can be fine tuned for: RPM, Vehicle Speed, Throttle Position, RPM + Throttle Position, or Speed + Throttle Position.

    -Map Function ON/OFF (whether to use a boost pressure correction map), choice of which correction map to use.

    -Target Boost Setting

    -Scramble boost level and duration

    -Bar Graph display settings:
    A-Mode and B-Mode boost level, Vehicle Speed, RPM and Throttle PositionBar Graph Peak Function ON/OFF and Peak Level

    -Boost correction level

    -Offset value

    -Offset map setting value input

    -Measure of Unit (kPA or PSI)

    -After-Image Function ON/OFF (If a change from positive atmospheric pressure to negative atmospheric pressure occurs, the peak positive boost value will be displayed)

    -Sampling time setting (boost monitoring in a period)

    -Boost warning function ON/OFF and warning level

    -Drop boost function ON/OFF and drop level (when boost reaches the warning value, boost pressure will drop a user preset level)

    -Display backlight brightness setting


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