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Thread: help with AEM Sensor mounting locations

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    help with AEM Sensor mounting locations

    so im new to adding sensors to vehicles and not sure were to add my AEM AIT and MAP sensor so if any one would be so kind as to walk me through the best places to put them (pics please) it would make me not feel so dumb any more

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    I assume this is for switching a car to speed/density?

    Ideally the sensors should both feed from the manifold plenum. The AIT can be mounted upstream of the throttle body, but the MAP must be post TB.

    Once you are doing an AEM, you are in custom fabrication land. There is no "proper" spot to put it, because the car wasn't designed for it.

    You can see my current configuration here: Far North Racing - Stealth - MAP_Sensor

    Note that my intent for this sensor is to fab an insert and weld it directly into the manifold plenum. I haven't done that yet, and I'm still running off the MAF, so I'm using an adaptor block I made for the time being.

    Sensor locations for my DSM were here: Far North Racing - The Car - ProEFI Part 1 and here: Far North Racing - The Car - ProEFI Part 2 The MAP sensor was eventually relocated to the firewall but the hose stayed the same.


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    I agree with DG. The map sensor can be anywhere in the intake manifold post TB. I would install the AIT just before the TB as close as is feasable.
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    Well now I know were I'm going to mount them anyone got a wiring guide using the stock harness?


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    Quote Originally Posted by steve68 View Post
    Any restriction causes a drop in both pressure and temp.

    I thought that restrictions cause a rise in pressure and temp. due to compression at the point of restriction and the excess friction? I don't have any numbers pre/post TB so I can't speculate how critical this would be. (It has been a long time since I touched on thermodynamics and hydraulics in a classroom.)

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    well since i have them all ready to go and have welded bungs in the places i want them im not looking for any info on wiring them in using the stock maf/mass/ait harness
    i cant seem to find any info on which wires are which in the FSM
    any help would be greatly appreciated

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