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Thread: Driver's Side Power Door Lock

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    Driver's Side Power Door Lock


    I have read a little bit about the demon power door lock actuators, but mine is not having the re locking issue. The passenger side door lock works fine(locks and unlocks with button). The driver's side door lock will not lock/unlock with any button, but the driver's side button does unlock/lock the passenger side. So, my only problem is the locking and unlocking of the Driver's side door. Not sure what wires to test or if maybe it is just a burnt out actuator(not the bumpers necessarily, but actually broke).


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    Check the wires in the doorjam going to the harness. They like to get brittle and break.

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    If it's not what Stealthee suggested, then the only other thing I could is the problem is that maybe the electronic switch that's connected to the outer handle is possibly unhooked or damaged. It should be held onto the outer door handle by one fastener on the inside of the door frame & it should be sending an electronic pulse that will either allow the lock to "lock" or "unlock". I actually just did some work around this area (the key lock didn't work, so I fixed it), but I didn't think to take any photos of this area prior to putting the door panel back on.

    Good luck with figuring out the issue.
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