As some know I have been planning a RWD Project using my SL (since not many care about those anyway and it has a salvaged title). My original plan was to use a parts off a wrecked AWD shell and augment my car so I can use the rear end. Then use a custom driveshaft mated to a RWD transmission(not sure which) mated to a longitudinal 6G74TT.

Well an old friend of mine (Gabe92RTTT) recently parted out his car and is willing to sell me his shell (clean title) vs taking it to the crusher.

So here is my predicament, which I have listed as a poll.

I have a great sentimental attachment to my SL which is why this makes it more of a dilema. If I use the SL as a donor into the AWD chassis, it will increase the overall value of the vehicle, but then would it still be my car? Or another car with my stuff in it?