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Thread: Sharing / Splitting MAP Sensor Signal Greddy Gauge and E-manage Ultimate

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    Sharing / Splitting MAP Sensor Signal Greddy Gauge and E-manage Ultimate

    I have a greddy v2 eletronic boost guage that is powered by a 3 bar sensor. It reads from -30 in/Hg to 30 PSI.

    I've been told that you can't share the map signal between the gauge and the emanage ultimate.

    So, I had an ebay MAP sensor (from Xaviar) and harness for the emanage, but after using it for a while I was really skeptical of its accuracy, especially since I plan on going to a map based tune and my engine depends on this sensor to be right.

    Rather than spend $135 on a greddy sensor and harness, I decided to try to share the signal from my greddy gauge. I hacked off the sensor off the aftermarket ebay map harness and soldered it into the Greddy gauge's harness.

    I only spliced the ground and signal (white) and left the red source from the emanage unhooked, because I had concerns that 2 power feeds may corrupt the signal.

    I am very pleased to say it works perfectly. The gauge and emanage are DEAD on.

    I hope this saves someone else some money. You can get the v2 boost gauge for $80 on ebay right now.

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    Good idea, also you did right not to connect the +5v red wire, that would have been bad for both the Emanage and the Guage.
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    I just wanted to bump Chris' thread since I have also been doing this for 3-4 months already. My 60mm gauge reads in bar, and it utilizes a GReddy 3bar MAP sensor. This should also obviously work for Blue users who substitute the signal for throttle.
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