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Thread: Basic electronics question

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    Basic electronics question

    If you have gauges with one + for main power, one + for illumination power, and one - for both power wires, how would you go about wiring them into the stock dimmer?

    The stock dimmer varies voltage on a ground side of the circuit, not the power side. Therefor, if I wired the dimmers ground into the ground of the gauges, it would mess up the gauges power feed because I would be varying voltage to the main power wire. If I wanted to use the stock dimmer for the new gauges, it would need to vary voltage on the + side, not the - side. What are my options?

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    I think your options are limited. You either need a separate dimmer that you can wire into the hot side or you need guages that have independent ground wires for power and illumination.

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    I am just installing the short sweep Cobalt gauges in my center cluster. I am going to use the grnd from the dimmer for the lights and wire a separate grnd for the gauge.. I will have +12v light, - light. Sender, Ignition and grnd. I'd tell you exact wires, but the car is at a buddies garage. I can post up when I get there tomorrow on what I am using.


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    I did the same thing for my gauges Rocket. It's probably the best way to do it if you only have a few gauges.

    I ran into problems because i was worried about the current draw. It may be too high for the stock wiring. I ran 5 or 6 gauges. I beefed up the wiring when I had the dash off. Never gave me any trouble.


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