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Thread: Need some advice with dealing with a hit and run situation with a taxi

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    Need some advice with dealing with a hit and run situation with a taxi

    Ok, so last night I was leaving the O'hare airport and was exiting into a merge lane.
    I was in the left part of the lane, the part that doesnt need to merge when a taxi van comes flying by at twice the speed limit (about 60) and turns in front of me to avoid clipping a curb and clips my bumper.

    It barely scraped me but once he was in front of me he braked checked me like no other and then floored it outta there. I had to stand on my brakes, wow what a horrible noise. Luckily it was a taxi van and therefore slow as shit so it was a matter of seconds to catch him, get his info off the back of the van and snag a pic.

    I called and left the manager of the taxi company a message (it was very late).
    Called my insurance company, and called the police.

    I am not sure what to do as the manager of the taxi company is denying it.
    The damage is so so minimal and its in my beater, if he hadnt brake checked me i wouldnt have cared, but thats bullshit and for that i wont drop it.

    Any advice on what I should do?
    I dont want to raise my insurance rates over a bumper.
    Im pretty sure the area has cameras, so I should probably try and contact them. Tried last night with no results.

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    Whatever you do, don't word it in a way that you hit him. Then blame falls on you, even if it's not your fault. If the manager of the taxi company is denying it, and you already filed with the police, the next step would be to get the security camera footage if you can. Not much you can do after that, unless you feel like bugging the insurance company to pursue charges against the taxi company.
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    Tell the police he screamed "Allah Akbar!" as he sped off, then let it play itself out.
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