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Thread: Photography people, should I get this or not?!

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    Photography people, should I get this or not?!

    My mother is talking about getting me a new Nikon CoolPix P100 and I am just wondering if anyone has used one, or has any insight about them..

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    If you're gonna go with that type of camera you can't go wrong with Canon. I bought point and shoot cameras (compacts are terrible) and they take pics that are OK up to 8x10. I bought a Canon Rebel XSi after breaking 3 P&S when I dropped them 24". Only 11Mp but WOW awesome pics. Then I bought a long lens and got amazing wildlife pics.

    I bought a T1i and started doing magazine pics of cars, driving and events. The HD video at 20fps sucked and ... yes ... I bought a 7D. OMG 9 frames per second. Unbelievable pics. I bought a 28 - 200 Sigma tele lens with Image Stabilization. Now I can had the camera to anyone explain for 1 min and they can take awesome pics of me or anyone. I usually have 6 pics of Eagles, boating, snowmobiling, car shows, auctions, animals, etc published in a couple internet blogs/news, 1 local newspaper and 2 big city newspapers every week or two. I've published about 18 articles in Viper Magazine, DomesticDriver, Viper Nation and my Stealth R/T TT was featured in January 2010 January Calendar! Go to Viper Nation and check out the pics, or the shrunk pics in the March Car of the month 2000 Viper ACR.

    I was so impressed with the Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras that I bought my "camera buddy" (daughter) a Canon 20D camera complete from ebay for $250. Then I bought my sone a 20D Canon as well. 6 frames per second get awesome burnout shots, etc. These 20D, 30D, 40D and 50D cameras are available really cheap and they come with magnesium case, high speed shooting, 8Mp but easily shoot 2' x 3' poster pictures with amazing clarity. They use the 'C' size CMOS sensor and process the info using 2 processors! They are semi-pro/advanced amateur cameras and new sell for as much as $1500.

    Try that with a junk camera

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    What he said ^^^


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