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Thread: Switching over to MAF

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    Switching over to MAF

    If you have an AEM EMS is the MAF translator still required?

    I can get one new for 100.00, but with the EMS I don't think that it is needed.

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    No you don't need any other devices when you go with the AEM EMS. It will run the stock MAF. It has settings in there for what you need and it's easy to setup.
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    MAF Translator is not required to run a MAF on AEM. Even better, you can run any MAF or the stock Karmen. You just have to know how the software is interpolating between load and how the freq (or volt) parameters are established and then sampled by the software.

    Whom ever is spreading these AEM MAF rumors needs a sharp punch to the gut. It's all about math, conversions, and tables. It's always worked, and the funny thing is it even worked on the original GEMS. Sad to say even some of the tech support at AEM don't know how to set it up or they don't care enough to help people out.

    I know exactly how the software works. I paid a lot of coin for my EFI U education and won't give away all the answers for free .


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