Hey, guys.


If you have always wanted to tighten up your driveline, but didn't want to go all out and get a 1 piece design in fear of vibration issues, then now you can get the 2 piece design!

I am seeing if there is enough interest from more people (5 total).

For those who do not know what a carbon fiber driveshaft is:

-It is a 2 piece driveshaft that replaces ALL THREE sections (carrier bearings and all) of your stock driveshaft. This rids of any maintenance that is required by the stock driveshaft. There is no replacement parts to worry about. No money is needed to replace these stock parts if they go bad.
-The more joints you have in your DS the more power is lost through those joints. The CFDS replaces all of those joints.
-The CFDS weighs 16lbs where as the stock DS weighs nearly 50lbs (if memory serves me correctly).
-Due to the rotational weight savings and no more power loss through the joints, you get more power to the wheels.
-Better transmission-to-wheel engagement so you don't feel or hear the "thud" when you step on the gas.
-Helps with better gas mileage.
-Faster Revs
-Estimated to free up ~20+ awhp/awtq.

A quote from Austin@STM:

We dynoed an Evo back to back with an aluminum 2 piece over a stock 3 piece. I don't remember the weights but i know the aluminum one was 12 pounds lighter than stock. After the baseline pull we back it off put in the DS, then went back up, no other changes and picked up almost 12whp, and 12wtq.

So if this saves over 30 pounds im sure freeing up 20+ horsepower is not out of the question.
Why did I choose ACPT over PST? I've had great success with this company, so I chose them.

I've had a total of THREE (100% success rate and none vibrated! If vibration was an issue with ACPT, I wouldn't get a 4th one) 1 piece ACPT CFDS on my cars and I can tell you it makes a difference. Power to $ ratio is not the greatest, but it still made it noticable. But the best thing is that it got rid of the "slack" that was in my driveline. Driving experience to $ ratio is pretty high to me.

Immediate payment is required. Estimated delivery is 3 weeks.

Original pricing is $2000 plus shipping.
The GB price would be $1299 shipped to your door.

Copy and paste and put your screen name and speed type on the list.