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Thread: Collect Sports cards?

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    Collect Sports cards?

    Anyone here collect sports cards? I'm mainly into baseball cards. I've got quite a few older cards but I mostly collect Nolan Ryan. I've got his 68 rookie card which books for $500. It's a PSA graded card as well as some of his other cards up into the late 70's which are also graded.

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    I have a bunch of baseball cards. My dad bought me a bunch of hockey and football cards back in 94. I haven't bought any cards probably since that time though.

    I haven't went through my cards to see if I have any valuable ones. I do have a Ken Griffey Jr King of Kings card that had been worth $25 straight out of the package. No idea what its worth now. Maybe $5

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    I've got a huge box of baseball cards. The best ones are '65 Mickey Mantle, Carlton Fisk rookie card, & a Cal Ripken rookie card. I collected a bunch from '69 to '72 and then got into it again in the late '80s. Never really checked on value of them and I'll probably die with them still in the box.

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    I used to collect so many baseball cards back in early 2000. My collections starts with a babe ruth autographed card to a willie mays signed ball up until i got my david ekstein signed card right before the angels won the world series. I haven't collected since then.
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    I collected back in the 80's when I was a kid. My uncle got me into it at that time and I've got boxes of of them which I haven't pulled out of my attic in years. Have some older ones mixed in there as well... Pete Rose, Mattingly, Ripkin, those were my favs back then. Waiting for my son to start playing ball and I'll pass them along to him someday if he's interested.

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    I had tons of everything (baseball, football, basketball, hockey) dating from the 60s through about '92.

    I remember using Nolan Ryan rookie cards (the Topps Ryan/Kooseman card) in the spokes of my bicycle, as he wasn't much, early on.

    He became Nolan Ryan a bit later.

    Thousands and thousands (and thousands) of dollars worth of cards.

    My wife made off with them in the divorce.
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