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Thread: How To: Shut Off The SRS Light While Keeping The Passenger Airbag Functional.

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    How To: Shut Off The SRS Light While Keeping The Passenger Airbag Functional.


    I have been looking for this information for the longest time, but never found the definitive answer. Well, I did some extensive research and found out how exactly to bypass the SRS system when installing an aftermarket steering wheel. Now my SRS light is finally off!!! How did I do it you ask? Well, here is the info that so many may have been waiting for in the 3S world...

    When you are replacing your steering wheel for an aftermarket one, you will need one essential thing - a resistor with the correct resistance, in order to fool the SRS system. I successfully used a Lectrohm 2ohm +- 5%W. I plugged that into the connector where the airbag plugs in and that took care of it.

    Of course, in my case it wasn't as simple as it sounds, because I made one big mistake - I never disconnected the battery when I was doing the swap and my SRS light came on. Well, that required that the codes needed to be cleared from the system, after the resistor was connected, so the SRS light would be turned off.

    If you do the install from scratch though and your SRS light is not on, this will prevent it from coming on. How did I clear the codes? Well, my father-in-law has a dealership so I have access to the tools I need. Hope that helps some of the frustrated souls out there, because I know how bothering the SRS light can be (not to mention that you would fail inspection because of it in many states). Good luck!

    EDIT: As I was searching for a way to reset the SRS light after it came on, I found out how it is done on Honda/Acura and Subaru WRX. I am not sure if that method would work on a 3/S, but it is better than nothing and even if it does not work, it may give people ideas:


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    Ty for posting, on 2 do list.

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    I have seen "tips" for making our SRS light go away but on both of my cars I cannot get the light out. Anyone know a better trick that the on/off 10 times?


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    Pull the code to find out why? The on/off trick doesn't always work, my mechanic got my SRS light off in my ES because it was from a low battery. My VR4's light is from one of the front sensors not being there...and I'm too damned lazy to find the right one and replace it, lol..

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