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Thread: recirculating BOV on td05 stroker?

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    recirculating BOV on td05 stroker?

    i was asked to start a new thread for this. has anyone done this before? how about with separate front/back intakes?

    i'm currently trying to find the best intake/anti-surge/BOV combination for my new setup which will:

    1. prevent surge
    2. be least complicated
    3. be relatively inexpensive
    4. not be excessively annoying

    *edit--my post from elsewhere*

    i'm going to a GM MAF in blow through (BOV immediately before the sensor). now i'm content to run open or recirc, but i'm not aware if there's any methods to keep it recirc w/o keeping the stock bubble. i get the impression that running recirc eliminates the need for "surge tubing" (which, as it was pointed out to me, is essentially a constant boost leak). i'm also looking to keep surge levels to a minimum. i'll be running an FMIC & a td05 kit; so i'm not sure that it's possible or even advisable to keep the stock bubble. i'm also unsure if it's better to get separate intakes for front/rear, or to stick to 1 combined intake. any suggestions/advice? i need to figure out what i want before i pull put down a couple hundred on a new intake.

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    In for answers. My TD05 setup is on the shelf, but I've been wondering about BOV configuration.
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    if you run a blow through maf then running open loop bov will not negatively affect your driveability.

    If you would still like to recirculate then it will be easy if you keep the stock y bubble. The turbos really do not directly effect what your intercooler piping looks like. I could put TD05 turbos in mine, change the turbo outlet pipes and be rocking my currently recirc setup.

    The recirc setup only depends on your main cold IC pipe going into the throttle body and your intake bubble. If those are compatible, then what turbos you have do not matter.
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