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Thread: Who lives in Cali?

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    Who lives in Cali?

    Looks like I might be going through some divorce proceedings. Looking to relocate back to California. Haven't lived there since before I had my license so I'm pretty much wondering what it's like there nowadays (SoCal area) and what it's like concerning driving our cars and the things we like to do to/with them. Is it as bad as they say? Currently BPU SL Fed spec looking at 3.5 JDM TT RWD (Using Corvette DT) swap.

    Or should I just go back to stock and save for a Viper?

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    If your car is fed spec, you have a little more leeway than a CA spec car. You still need to keep your stock intake when you smog it, but I've never had a smog tester look under my car. If you do that swap, I have no idea how the smog inspection is gonna go. With Arnold out of office and Comrade Brown back in, the cops will ticket you for going 1 mph over the limit if they feel like it. That's Browns plan to help CA recover, ticket the sh!t out of everyone driving a car in the state.

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