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    Sponsorship Information

    These are the current sponsorship options:
    Banner: $150per year. The content of this ad must be 3000GT/Stealth/GTO related Ads that do not target/support our platform will not be accepted. This banner will go in the spot below the main site banner. It will be 468x60 and get a even balance of rotations with all other banners in the queue. The software does not support giving banners weight over other banners.

    Private Sponsor Forum: $50 Per Year. Comes with all the paid member perks and more PM space.

    Now one of the biggest issue I had on 3SI was these tiers are great for businesses but the small vendors, the guys that make 1-2 parts in their back yard are left out in the cold. $150 to sell could be more profit than they make in a year. IMO that just does not work. I've thought about this a lot, read other forum, talked to people and created 4th level.

    : $30 / $10 per year paid annually (Sales in classifieds Only)
    Its up to me to determine if you qualify. PM me and we will then discuss what you do and see if you fit. Put anything you think may be pertinent in the PM. (basically you just need to keep your site supporter status active. )

    Do you have a business or advertising interest that just does not fit? Just PM me and we'll work something out.

    Group Buys
    Group buys are a touchy subject. On one hand they are good for the members but we can't let non-sponsoring companies come in here and potentially undercut our sponsors. After some thought and discussion we have come up with the following for group buys.
    If you are a sponsor - Have a party make all of the group buys you want.

    If the person/company that is collecting the funds is not a sponsor they will need to pay a $50 group by fee. Gauging interest threads can be made without paying. The $50 needs to be paid prior to any sale funds being collected. If they do not pay the feel the person organizing the buy will be responsible for the payment. If you have a good reason why you think $50 for the sale is too much PM me the details of the sale and we'll see what we can work out.
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