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Thread: Thoughts on my build

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    Thoughts on my build

    Hey all, ive been doing lots of thinking and reading trying to figure out what exactly i should go with for my build. I wont be doing it till next winter but id like to have a plan set out so i can start accumulating parts as they come on sale.
    Okay so heres my thoughts. Let me know what your opinions are:

    My goal is for 500-550 awhp.

    3.1 pampena motorsports shorty
    stage 3 heads from dynamic racing
    dr700s or 750s (im thinking 700s) with the billet wastegates
    272 cams
    hot wired walbro
    680cc or so injectors of some sort
    clutch- havent decided yet. ideas?
    aem ems v2- but im open to other ideas like maybe arc2 ( not familiar with)
    99 lifters
    front mount of some sort
    m2 tanabe wannabe exhaust
    stm tank to rail kit just 6an
    undecided on to go meth or not.

    im combining this all with a jacks transmisisons stage 3 premium rebuilt 5spd, 1 pc driveshaft(?), aws delete, full rebush with poly bushings and lots of others i cant think of now ive started typing.

    Please give me your opinions and help me critique it so when i start buying parts i only do it once! Thanks!
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    The 1 piece PST driveshaft has a higher critical RPM than the ACPT shaft so you might want to take that into consideration.
    Also the ARC-2 GP is extremely easy to tune and you will never have to pay to have your car tuned. Consists of just 4 knobs, you can even look up some base settings for start up or you can just ask someone on here.
    You are going to want to go water/meth injection or race gas of some sort (E-85, race gas/pump mix)

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    Any reason why you are rebuilding your engine?

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    I would say you will be well over your goal from the other posts on stock engines.

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    well im pretty sure my engine just experienced a catostrophic failure the other day. PLUS i 500-550whp and figured id do it big the first time and go a little overkill. Figured if i built it for 650whp and had it tuned for 525ish then i would have a reliable 525whp. where as if i built it to max out at 550 i would be worried id be running it too close to its limits.

    i will be driving this as a weekend warrior/autocrosser so if you see anything in my list tha tis pointless for what i want let me know. like for example the cams... do i really need upgraded cams?

    im also gonna be doing lots of deletes as in AC, AWS, ABS, rear wiper, and cant think of what else.

    This summer im putting on a full novara kit along with vented front fenders wb rear fenders and a viper hood. Then be painting the whole works hopefully a metallic white but i cant find a metallic white base/clear. Shes gonna be a whole new machine when im done and i cant wait!!!

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    [QUOTE=Caswell239;60613] Figured if i built it for 650whp and had it tuned for 525ish then i would have a reliable 525whp. where as if i built it to max out at 550 i would be worried id be running it too close to its limits.

    Thats really the way to go .. With the DR series turbos you will really want the meth ..Its CHEAP insurance for your motor .. As far as cams go the stockers are a low end cam setup .. I believe DR's street cams mate the best with the stage three heads and give you more mid-high end power .. So its all in your goals .. As far as your build here is what Matt did on his own DR750 stock engine car so you know its the right stuff for the turbo ...

    Denso Fuel pump
    hot wired
    with a KB boost-a-pump
    Denso 660cc injectors
    Splitsecond ARC-2 with 92mm MAS
    DR Down pipe
    Tanabe Cat-back
    Blitz DSBC ID3
    HKS Twin Power DLI
    RPS Flywheel
    RPS 6 puck MAX clutch
    AEM Wide Band
    Defi Blue racer boost guage
    DN intake pipes
    Snow Stage 2 boost cooler

    If you want to autocross the car I would catch up with some of those guys on here and see what they recommend for your suspension/brake setup..

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    Your build is almost exactly the same as what I have already put together (just not in the car yet) right down to the Jacks Transmission (25 spline). I went with the Brian Crower -141 Cams at 272 duration. Also went with Wisco 8:1 forged pistons and had the bottom end fully balanced. Stage 3 heads and latest lifters. Also went with 3SX adjustable timing gears and a Kevlar belt (jury still out on that one though). Lightweight forged steel flywheel (11.4lbs) and a Southbend clutch. TD04-19T's with AEM Auto-Booster Controller.

    Oh, and ARP Main Kit and Rod Bolts along with ARP Head Studs. That should hold everything together. Fuel upgrades go without saying including the 3SX Custom Complete Fuel Kit with Fuel-Lab filter and FPR and hot wire kit.

    Mine will also be my daily driver so I'll probably run it slightly de-tuned also.

    I am chomping at the bit to get it on the road. Waiting for Jacks to deliver the trans so I can put everything back together.

    Sounds like your on the right track. Take your time and do it right.

    Best of luck. Stay warm.

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    i've been doing a s**t ton of research for my stroker build, so here's my thoughts:

    1. if you're going to rip out the fuel system, go -8an single feed or dual -6an feed; anything less just isn't worth it.
    2. ssm has AWESOME prices on front mounts, and they will make yours custom fit to what you need.
    3. if you're paying for a 3.1L flat-out, the cost to upgrade to a 72 stroker is not that much more.
    4. i don't know what the upper-limit on a single walbro is; but i'm going for dual denso's with mine.
    5. stage 3 heads are good; but IPS sells race heads if you're looking to hit ~30psi+. and they outflow the grand-coulee damn (rumor has it).
    6. based on what widowmaker (steve) was telling me, i'd say that cams make the most sense when paired with cam gears. i'll probably be running just gears or gears+264's...but i am going for a more "stock-like" demeanor with my build.

    again, just my $.02


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