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Thread: fender, side skirt, and door cap removal?

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    fender, side skirt, and door cap removal?


    Okay i have all the bolts out off the side skirt (including the ones inside the car.) so now it just pops off? I tried to pop the front part off to get the fender off and it didnt budge.

    Also how do the door caps come off?

    tips and tricks are appreciated

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    I believe you have to unbolt that corner of the front bumper to get the fender off... and did you take the sideskirt off already? There are bolts under the sideskirt that need to be taken off.

    I think there's one bolt/screw on the door caps, and the rest are just push-clips....??....
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    Some sideskirts have double faced tape in places. You might have to yank a little to get them off.

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    The bumper is all the way off. I have all of the bolts and the two screws that secure it to the underside of the car as well as the 8mm nut that attatches it to the fender.

    I'll give it another go

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    If you are still having issues with this tomorrow I'll go double check mine that is off. I think the side skirt came off the fender fairly easily but the fender had a couple of push pins that were on the front that gave me fits around the headlight area. I don't have the door cap off so I can't help there.

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    The door cap has 2 8mm nuts on the inside edge of the handle part of the door. Then, you grab it from the bottom and pull it away from the door. There are about 20 clips that are holding it on and double sided tape on the top.

    The side skirt has clips all along the bottom (into the rocker), bolts all along the bottom, and the 8mm nuts going through the fender. Start with the front of the side skirt and start to pull it away from the car. When you get the double sided tape pulled apart (runs along the opening of the door), you will have to pull the side skirt towards the front of the car to slide it off of the rear mounting tabs.

    The fender has 2 bolts going through the bottom of the fender at the bottom of the car, one going through the top of the fender through the door molding (you have to have the door open to get it off), 4 along the top that are obvious, and 2 more towards the front bottom of the fender. Then the 3 that hold the fender liner to the fender.

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    Thanks for the help!

    I got the fender and sideskirt off. I'll get the door cap tomorrow.


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