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Thread: Need help to diagnose my clutch/transmission problem

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    Need help to diagnose my clutch/transmission problem

    Car is a FWD 94 SL.

    It was fine all day and on the way home I exited the freeway and came to a red light. When the car slowed from 10mph to a stop I heard a clunk that felt like it was under the center of the car but I know it was from the front since there is nothing in terms of moving parts in the center of a FWD car.

    So then, I have no gears at all.

    I got it towed home and would like some direction on what to look for.

    Here are more details:

    shifter feels very light as if it has no cables at all. You can't "feel" any gear with the engine running or not. Reverse you could ALWAYS "feel" but not now.

    clutch pedal is 100% normal in feel and master cyl and slave cyl are normal (no leaks)

    car makes slight grinding noise from the transmission area when it is pushed in neutral (well...every gear is neutral now).

    When I first tried to get the car moving before giving up on it at the light I put it in 1st gear and the revs got to about 2000 rpm and the speedo when up to about 20 mph though I was still at a dead stop.

    BTW, I was not and have not ever in the past driven it abusively by slamming gears, popping the clutch, or doing burnouts and such. The car was driving 100% normal all clutch slipping, no weak pedal feel, etc...

    I have searched and found some things about the differential pin being a weak point. Also, someone on another msg board mentioned driveshaft shearing as the culprit. What driveshaft?

    I have worked inside and out on engines but never on transmissions so please reply without too much technical language. Thanks!

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    If your speedo is still registering and you aren't moving, then it's either a differential or your front CV axles.


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