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Thread: Historic Tags

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    Historic Tags

    My favorite part about this new year is that when I get my '91 put back together, I won't have to get it inspected! Any vehicle that is 20 years or older can be tagged historic in Maryland. 2 year tags for only $50 bucks plus cheaper insurance. The only downside is that you have to sign a piece of paper that says it hasn't been "significantly altered" and that it won't be used for "regular transportation".

    Anyone else getting their vehicle tagged historic? Any Disadvantages?

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    Don't have to worry about it where I live. Good for you though

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    I'll be in the same boat next year. I don't know if my insurance will be any cheaper though. It is already only 25/month full coverage.

    We also don't have inspections here.

    I'm lucky to drive mine 2000 miles/year so that aspect should be fine. The "significantly altered" line seems open to interpretation.

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    Damn, that's nice. I still have some time before hitting the 20 year mark but I think Texas might be a 25 year state, haven't looked into it.
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    You can get antique plates in NH after 25 years I think. But I believe you still need to get it inspected. Your so lucky.

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    Pretty sure TX is 25, IIRC.

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    I know in NY when it's historic eligible(not sure at what age though) all we need is a safety inspection...which isn't a problem for me anyway since both my RT TT and VR4 passed somehow and there's no way they should....

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