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Thread: DIY datalogger port install

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    DIY datalogger port install

    Another great DIY thread from the other side.

    By: jumptman

    Quote Originally Posted by jumptman View Post
    Well right off the bat I'd like to thank StealthCFS,Chargerx3, and the software provider (who will remain anonymous for spamming reasons). He recommended the right adapter that literally was hassle free and was hella easier. Thank you once again

    The product used

    Keyspan High-Speed USB to Serial Adapter : USA-19HS
    Keyspan High-Speed USB to Serial Adapter : USA-19HS
    Perfect for all Vista users and all other OS systems

    The logger cable...good cable HORRIBLE service. He sends on time, just not very informative and doesn't answer his emails very often.
    eBay Motors: Datalogger for Stealth / 3000GT ALDL/ Auto-On (item 170305263540 end time Mar-24-09 08:07:25 PDT)

    Now to the install.

    After seeing how it worked I wanted to make it very easy to get to and less wires to be shown.

    First came the "think tank"

    Then The "break down"

    Now "the install"
    Few cuts and here and there. Drills and screws here and there. I used my old slot car metal as the base for the adapter

    Finished product....stupid f'ing bezel never sit right since I had that boost gauge there. Nonetheless it will fit correctly soon enough.

    So rate me pwease. This is one of those things where if you did it again, you could do it better the second time.

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    Wait ... is this a cable that stays plugged into the car, with a "built in" serial>usb adapter, so that you just plug a USB-USB cable into that port to log with? That's a neat idea! The link for the cable is down, though.
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