I have been thinking about buying a small generator for this winter. Really it should only power the furnace(boiler,w.e.) the fridges and some lights.
However I feel that just buying a generator is too easy, minus all the choices, so I have started planes to build one.
I want it to be diesel, turbocharged, with a cvt transmission.
I choose diesel because if anything I could pour in SVO or something and it will run, it is very reliable.
Turbocharger to get more power, maybe some more efficiency, and quiet the exhaust.
A CVT will let me pair up the engine to the generator with maximum efficiancy.
No clue how big of a generator, motor I want. Maybe 5-10KW.
I don't want to spend too much and will try to use as many used parts as I can find.
Am I crazy(er for thinking about this), or would this be a cool project.