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Thread: Why are we so stubborn?

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    Why are we so stubborn?

    When I do my physics homework, I do most of the problems in metric.

    When I work on my Mitsubishi, everything is in metric.

    When I'm in an automotive class, the information and labs are mixed between English and metric.

    WHY the hell don't our stubborn asses convert to metric? It's SOOO much easier to understand and convert between units.

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    Ever tried to frame and put up drywall with a metric tape measure? hehe.

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    metric is easy mm's are just there all layed out, imperial you have to work out how many 10ths there is in the inch. like 1-3/16 as compared to 28mm or 1856mm

    personally i work in feet and milimeters lol. i have no set route. if i dont have my glasses on i look at the larger numbers on the tape which are inches, if i have my glasses on i use the metric side hahaha
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    I've worked with both. Neither is easier than the other I think. I'm good with numbers so conversions aren't that difficult.

    When I worked at a belt manufacturer it depended on how precise the customer wanted a belt width or length to what they ordered in. The same customer might have one order in mm, and the next order would be in inches.

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    Spent some time (about 5 weeks total) in China last year about this time.
    Company I was with at the time contracted a shop over there fab 20 some odd stainless steel structures about 14' long for pennies on the dollar to what it would have cost stateside.
    Everything was drawn imperial, then converted to metric.
    Made for some interesting interpretation on the fab floor, especially when some items were supposed to be on 4.5" centers.
    The Chinese did not have a single imperial tape measure to insure accuracy, nor could they find one in town.
    It was a small town after all, only 6,000,000 people.

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    They use the metric system in Mexico, but when you buy beer, it comes in 12 oz cans.

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    Not to mention, Detroit(term used loosely... Mexico, Canada, ect) is STILL turning out cars and trucks with standard bolts in them... It drives me nuts sometimes. I expect to be using the standard tools on older stuff, but having to go find a 1/2" socket to pull the rear diff cover on an 04 f150 is retarded...

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