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Thread: New owner FAQ

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    New owner FAQ

    Post up any FAQ's for new owners & the answers that go with them. I'll start by listing some things to look for when buying a 3/s.

    1. Dented oil pan. This can impede flow through the pickup, which leads to spun bearings.

    2. Lifter tick. All non-99's are subject to this. Sounds like a light "tapping" noise. It's normal & won't hurt anything--it's just annoying. Can be fixed by swapping in bigger bore lifters.

    3. Rough idle/uneven idle. Can be a variety of things, but key areas to investigate are the IAC/ISC and ECU.

    4. Seals. On older cars like the 3/s, seals will eventually need replaced--regardless of how many miles the car was driven. Even the simplest of seals can have serious consequences; the oil cap seal can leak oil, frying the alternator. Radiator cap seal can leak, allowing for coolant boiling. Leaking drivetrain seals can cause the transfer case or differentials to lose fluid--eventually destroying their internals.

    feel free to chip in with other stuff. thanks!

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    5. FWD manual transmission: if your transmission is popping out of 5th gear, you need to pull the endcase off and re-tighten the nut on the end of the gear shaft. these work loose over time and if not addressed can lead to transmission failure.

    6. Front Ball Joints: DO NOT pay $300+ for new control arms from the dealership! they can be pressed in and out and replaced with a MOOG part number K9855.

    I'll add more when I can think of them.

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    7. If your TT pressure test system, check for cracked vacuum lines.

    8. Check your motor mounts, if they haven't been replaced already the rubber has probably deteriorated quite badly. Very important to prevent more repairs from the excessive movement which can crack your exhaust and cause other problems as well.

    1995 3000GT VR-4: 15g turbos, MBC, FMIC, custom exhaust/ high flow cat, vacuum reduction, 550cc injectors, solid motor mounts, megan coilovers, front strut bar, retrofitted TSX HIDs into 99 headlamps, along with a few other things.
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    9. If your clutch peddle has no pressure - check your slave cylinder for any signs of leaks, or check your master slave cylinder by if there is any liquid underneath the clutch pedal


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