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Thread: Stainless Fuel Rail Loops w/ Adapters

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    Stainless Fuel Rail Loops w/ Adapters

    Testing the waters to see if there's any interest in the Fuel Rail Adapters and Stainless Loop I used to sell. Only be offering the Stainless version of it as that was the most popular. The adapters would be raw aluminum, not anodized unless I can get a good price on having it done.

    I will also be offering a newer style that has a fuel pressure gauge incorporated into it.

    I'm making some Fuel Rail Loops, I'll offer them in both aluminum and stainless with or without the fuel rail adapters (Anodized Blue). Prices are as follows and include shipping within US. USPS International Priority Mail is $12.95! Paypal is (

    Stainless Fuel Rail Loop = $39.95
    Stainless Fuel Rail Loop w/ rail adapters= $66.00

    If anyone wants it polished I can do it for an extra $10.

    FYI: E85 and other alcohol based fuels are corrosive to un-anodized aluminum and has been know to corrode thru.

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    Sweet! I might be interested in one with the FPG in it. I have been looking for a place to put my sending unit in so it would depend on if it would fit and what it would look like.

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    You can deff do some beautiful work with stainless tube, very nice.

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