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Sort of an update for my car.

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A set of hoodpins, some refunded money, and many months later... he attended my South SD meet on the 12th to become more acquainted with the local owners. We managed to decide on a date for me to examine his car; that would be the 14th hehe.

The car has a stunning color no doubt about it. The initial "goal" was to simply work out small bugs and try to get her started as she had not been running for some time. I told him that the car would be running by the time that I left :twisted: We were off to work!

Here is where the car sleeps.

We began with a routine pressure test with my scrutinous overview to secure some lines among many other things. The car cranked, but it would not turn over. With my laptop connected, I asked for a second attempt, analyzed some data, and traced around his engine harness underhood. One vital sensor was not providing some important feedback, so we went on a field trip for parts...

James removing the unsuitable sensor.

Non-turbo CTS in comparison to what was needed.

With that now out of the way, I carefully, yet quickly put together a proper DIY hotwire kit for his fuel pump to replace his [literally] direct HOTwire lol.

Crimps and heatshrink :-) the left three anyway with one soldering job.

There he is fingeri.. I mean.. re-connecting the fuel pump :razz:

Here is the inline fuse and such.

That was easily put into place.

The result? Hah, no surprise that we did get the car running and idling perfectly after an adjustment 8) Hell, I asked him to drive it backward and forward HAHA victory!

1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 w/ 13T's idle + reverse << Yessuh. Please excuse our poor lighting though

Mod list? Ohhh there is still much to be done hehe. We will be attacking the electrical bugs and gremlins and getting the car reliably back on the road. Lots of progress in one afternoon/evening for sure! Thanks for the homemade dinner man, and it was great meeting your family!

Stay tuned as we work towards unleashing the 13T's