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Thread: Introduction to Tuning

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    Introduction to Tuning

    I'm trying to find material to read to learn how to tune EFI engines. My main goal is to be able to contribute as much as possible to our Forumula SAE team here at school and then hopefully by the time I graduate, I'll be able to tune my stealth/3000GT using a full AEM EMS. Our main engine tuner is graduating this year so we are in desperate need for someone with the skills. I've tried to search out google and read all that I can, but I'm hoping to find some good legitimate books. Where do guys like Ray and Chris get their knowledge? Separate schooling?

    (BTW, we run a Cosworth ECU so we can basically control anything and everything on the car)

    Anything is helpful guys!

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    I have been messing with cars for 25 years. Started putting turbos and SCs on hondas back 15 years ago before F&F LOL. Been wrenching most of my life. Personally, I read. When I want to learn I read the piss out of it, then do it, then read some more. And I am not talking internet forums. 75% of what is on forums is garbage. Most of it is either theory spouted by someone whom has no idea but heard or read it somewhere, or just straight personal opinion with nothing to back it up.

    Read engine books, tuning theory, etc. Once you get the basics down everything builds on top of it. Once you get knowledge, apply it hands on and you will start learning. While book knowledge and theory are great, actually applying it can be different.

    Do NOT waste money going to Wyotech or Nascar school.

    ALWAYS be open to idea and information from other techs. ALWAYS. You will never know everything and other techs can be a wealth of information as they have done thigns and experienced things you have not. Pooling knowledge is great!


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    Sorry just had to. Chris you are right on so many levels. I apply the same theory to computers.
    vroom vroom i drive a 93 toyota mr2.


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