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Thread: In Car Tripod?

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    In Car Tripod?

    Hello, I searched both of the other threads, ha ha, just kidding, I searched all of 3si the other day too, and I couldn't find anyone that makes a tripod for inside the car. I have seen cameras on ebay to put in your dash, but the cheap ones are not great quality, and the good quality ones aren't that cheap. I have a sony camcorder and was wondering how to get the camera set up inside my 3s so that I can record the dash, as well as the road in front of the car. So basically ... Does anyone make an "IN-CAR" camera mount for our cars so that we can record video, or is that pretty much a fab your own deal thing?

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    Some people have fabbed up a mount that goes in the two headrest holes, but IIRC it shook a lot because of the flexy stock seats. Another possibility is using a suction cup mount on the hatch glass, and flipping the video over during processing.
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    See if a member called r3lapse signed up here, if not try to find him on 3si. He has an autocross video with exactly what you are describing.

    ^ Hatch glass is a good idea also.

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    GoPro suction mount worked great for my in car video shots. I ended up mounting one of there 3M mounts as I liked the angle of the shot so much!

    Check it out on Youtube!!

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    I have in the past used a standard tripod with the legs adjusted so that two legs rest in the rear passenger floor and the third leg rests on the seat cushion in between the seats, or on the seatbacks if they're folded. I generally get the height to place the camera just below the rearview mirror, and then secure it with bungee cords, the rear seatbelts, etc. Always worked great for me, and I can attest to the seat mount being EXTRA shaky lol.


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