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Thread: Make Sure You Get D-Sport This Month, Its "The Best Issue Ever" ... Seriously

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    Thumbs up Make Sure You Get D-Sport This Month, Its "The Best Issue Ever" ... Seriously

    STM is proud to have our very own "Ricer" Evo 8 featured in this months D-Sport Magazine as well as a feature in the DVD thats included.

    You can find the link to the online article right on their main page, but its only part of the article.

    The magazine features more and it should be available at Walmart (I believe our local Borders is SOLD OUT already!!) But I also heard Tops is carrying it!

    Ricer gets a 4 page spread and they also cover the 2010 DSM Shootout, so Ricer is in that section as well along with Jesse Ford's red 2g and Justin Rivera's white Evo! Mike Faggiano, Chris Wirth, and Yasir Afif also get recognition for winning their classes!

    AND Richard (D-Sport photographer and editor) ran a picture Shawna (4G63GIRL on here) took from the shootout with a line of five STM cars!

    The DVD includes a full feature on Ricer with an interview with Emery, and Shawna makes a few appearances as well packing the parachute.

    David Buschur's Bad-Bish gets a full DVD feature also!!

    That's why it's the "Best Issue Ever!"


    We got a text from Richard... he wants to fly to Rochester to shoot two more STM cars in the spring

    I wonder whose?

    GO BUY IT!!! It's a keeper!

    -Ricer Evo 8: 8.75 @ 166 Best MPH of 167. Quickest 4G63 Powered Evo in The US!!!
    -Chris Cessna's Stock short block Evo 8: 9.76@150 Worlds Fastest Stock Motor Evo 8 and First Stock Block In The 9's!
    -Shawna's DD Evo 8: 9.97@143.88 Best MPH of 145 Full leather interior, A/C, navigation, stock brakes, cruisin 9's in style
    -Cory's Stock 7 bolt talon: 10.3@136 No crank walk here...
    -STM Stock turbo/motor Stealth RT: 10.95@127 Worlds Quyickest/Fastest and most powerful Stock turbo/ motor 3S
    -James STM built Pump gas Evo8 stock motor: 10.2@137 Stock long block, and only on pump gas!
    -Mike Faggiano Evo3 16g stock motor 1g 11.0@124 just a 16g knockin on 10's door.
    And the list goes on...

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    Nice! I saw a post over on evom about this. I don't think any local stores carry that mag, so I'll see what I can do.
    - 24

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    These are the magazines ive been getting over import tuner and super street.
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    Yeah D-Sport is a really good magazine, im glad they chose our car. Import Tuner was gonna shoot the car, but D-Sport really wanted it and ended up doing it.

    Im not sure if the Stealth will make it in ever, It will be looking a lot better next year, but it is still a 20 year old car thats not that popular, which isnt usually what magazines like.

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    Rice indeed. Congrats sir!


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